Distance Bracelets for Couples - High Quality


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Do you have a long distance relationship or is your partner going on a vacation for a few weeks? Then these couple bracelets are perfect for you! Feel connected no matter how big the distance between you. The black bracelet has one white bead and the white has one black, so each of you has a piece of the other with you no matter where you go. It's also a constant reminder to think of the other one whenever you look at it. 

Some people say the natural stones also have certain abilities. The black Agate stone stands for his masculine energy and could help to release stress. The white Howlite stone stands for her purity and beauty, it could help to be healthy and lucky.

When you give this gift to your loved one, tell them that it has a meaning and they will always have a piece of you. 

    Distance Bracelets for Couples - High Quality

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