Personalized Love Book - Reasons Why I Love You


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Create your own personalized love book with customized comic characters that look like you!

There are two ways to use this love book:

1. Tell Your Love Story - Create your own personalized love story as a romantic comic book. Each page can be about something you experienced together, your special moments and favorite memories. 

2. Reasons Why I Love You - Did you ever wanted to tell your partner "These are the reasons why I love you" but in a way that they don't forget them? This personalized love book helps you to list all the reasons why you love someone in a fun and romantic way so they want to read them over and over again. 

What we like about it:

• It's a comic so you can save your photos for your leather photo album.
• Fun and easy to build just select from thousands of ideas and fun illustrations.
• You can customize your characters to look just like you by choosing your eyes, hair, skin tone and more.
• The perfect book cover, choose from hundreds of covers to fit any occasion.
• Personalize the title, font style, and size to make it unique.
• Thousands of "pre-made" love reasons to start you off.
• Up to 100 pages for one price.

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Personalized Love Book - Reasons Why I Love You

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