Promise Rings vs Engagement Rings: What's the Difference? -

Promise Rings vs Engagement Rings: What's the Difference?

When it comes to rings, there are a few main styles that people think of: the classic solitaire engagement ring, the halo ring, and the three-stone ring. But did you know that there is another style of ring called the promise ring? Promise rings and engagement rings are two very different types of rings, and it's important to understand the difference before you make a purchase. In this article, we will discuss the key differences between promise rings and engagement rings so that you can make an informed decision about which type of ring is right for you!

engagement ring

When to Give an Engagement or Promise Ring?

Engagement ring: An engagement ring is given to a person who you are engaged to marry. The ring is a symbol of your commitment to each other and is usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. When you accept the ring, you confirm that you will marry your partner in the future and that you want to stay together with them forever.

Promise ring: A promise ring can be given for many different reasons, but it is most commonly given as a symbol of love and commitment. It can be given before you are engaged or even when you just started dating. This is also the reason why especially younger couples choose a Promise Ring. They feel too young to get married but still want to show, "We love each other and belong together!"

Who Is Able to Wear a Ring?

First of all: Everyone who wants to wear a ring, should go for it. No matter of gender, culture, or anything else. We are only describing how it is usually done.

Engagement ring: Historically, it has always been customary for the man to propose to the woman, putting the engagement ring on her finger. This means that only the woman wore the ring. Nowadays, however, the whole thing has changed a bit. There are now also women who propose, as well as men who wear the ring, or both partners! Especially in same-sex couples often both wear a ring to their engagement.

Promise ring: With the Promise Ring, it's different. Here the ring is worn from a common promise. The reasons are individual for each couple. Nevertheless, it is common that both partners are wearing a promise ring, which is why the rings often look similar.

Do Engagement Rings And Promise Rings Look the Same?

Simple answer - no, they don't. Here is why:

Engagement rings: Engagement rings often have one thing in common. And that is a strikingly stone in the center. It doesn't always have to be large, but it does have to stand out from the rest of the ring and captivate you. Sometimes there are several small stones on an engagement ring with a larger one in the center. Another feature is that most diamonds or other high-quality gemstones are used for it, which is why engagement rings are often in a higher price range.

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Promise rings: Promise rings are much more diverse in terms of design. There is no "must" when it comes to the stones, and often only a simple band is enough. The ring is more about the meaning than the look. Often the rings are engraved with a special date or insider of the couple but there are also personal stones chosen such as a stone that represents love or trust.

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Now that you know if an engagement ring or a promise ring is right for you, here are a few more examples of custom and sentimental rings:

1. Custom Engraved Promise Rings

 custom engraved promise rings

These classic promise rings will make your loved one's heart beat faster. They are available in gold as well as black and can be engraved with your special date, your names and much more.

2. King And Queen Promise Rings

king and queen couple rings

These king and queen promise rings speak for themselves. You show the world who belongs to you and make a promise to be there for each other forever.

3. Engagement Ring With Crystals

glamorous engagement ring with crystals

Looking for an impressive engagement ring for your beloved but a real diamond in size is too expensive for you? Then this engagement ring with sparkling cubic zirconia crystals is just right for you!

4. Promise Ring With Rainbow Hearts

 rainbow hearts promise ring for couples

Especially LGBTQIA+ couples love this promise ring! It is timeless and sparkles in beautiful rainbow colors which are represented as cute little hearts. Apart from that, it also makes a great promise ring for friendships.

5. Promise Ring Necklaces

promise ring necklaces

If you like to wear a promise ring, but not on your finger, you'll find just the thing here. These promise rings hang on a necklace and are engraved with sentimental sayings.