10 Unqiue Adventure Date Ideas

Couples usually frequent the same old dating spots, doing the same old things, with same old smiles and goodbyes. Too many ‘same olds’, right? Well, today we want to help you add a little excitement to your dating life and collected ten date ideas that you should add to your couples bucket list.

1. A Date that reached the Cliff!

Usually, couples roam around in the city or go to the nearest ice-cream parlor on their weekend date. Go for something new. For starters, try something adventurous. If you live near a hilly place, you must be having a big list of hills that are used for trekking. Go for Trekking dude! Yes, admitted that it is a bit tough and it tips a bit to the physical side, but trust us, when you’ll reach the peak, you’ll find that it was totally worth it! You’ll be able to see the clouds and nature up close. The breathtaking scenery of the town down below is enough to fill you up with awe and glee! And this “WOW” moment will be forever etched in your memories. Maybe it's the right time to give her the promise ring on a mountain cliff!

2. A Date that Dived from the Sky!

Since both of you have a craze for experimenting with new ideas, why not skydiving this weekend? All those who have experienced skydiving consider it the most awesome experience of their lifetime. And all those who have not experienced it should do it to second the above opinion. Jumping from the plane, while holding hands airborne, it is love redefined! Make sure you are not on a low budget while planning a skydiving date. It’s a chilling experience but at the same time expensive. Jumping from a height of more than 5,000 feet and watching the landscape come dangerously closer with your sweetheart, should be a date idea that you put on your couples bucket list.

3. A Date that Swam Wildly!

This is the best activity which has adrenaline coursing through your body in no time! In fact, you and your partner can have a swimming competition with each other, whoever wins can have a wish fulfilled! Or else you can meet up with a couple that met in the swimming spot. Choosing natural swimming places over human-made pools is always better because you’ll get to enjoy the nature around. You can swim for hours until one of you is tired and have lunch in your car or a local restaurant. But wait, have you decided a place? Cenotes X’keken and Samula in Mexico, Ko Phi Phi Don in Thailand, Hanauma Bay in Hawaii, San Vito lo Capo in Italy and Fraser Island in Australia are some of the well-known places for wild swimming.

4. A date that Cycled to Happiness!

If you live in a place that boasts of a cool breeze, pure and fresh air and scenic beauty and most importantly if you love cycling, go on a cycling date, no questions asked! Don’t have any kind of hesitation in trying this idea. On the way, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and meet different people and also explore into cultures, if you so wish to transcend cities. However, rather than cycling in your native place, choose a neighboring state or country. Boulder in the US, Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Backroads in Burma and Manali in India are some of the most beautiful places to go for cycling with your girl. As you pass through street festivals, old bridges, less crowded beaches, and flower gardens, you’ll feel so fortunate! You’ll need a lot of energy to cycle, so make sure that you have enough provisions for food, first aid and take enough rests, you’re cycling for the fun of it not preparing for a race.

5. A Date that made People Smile!

You are well off in your beautiful place which you call home. You have the luxuries of life, a partner who cares about you, and most of all you have the means to use these luxuries and resources to good use! The next time when you think of spending heavily on a 5-star dinner with your loved one, who eats sparsely, just for once, consider the underprivileged children living in the orphanages which barely have enough funds to take care of the children. And then there are not only children there are nursing homes where uncaring children dump parents. Bring love to them. Treat the children with Pizzas on a particular day, don’t make them feel underprivileged. Instead, make them realize that one day they can be like you. Inspire them. As for the senior people, you can visit them along with your partner on a regular basis. They’ll begin to care for the both of you as their child. You’ll feel satisfied and at peace after such a date. It might not give you an instant shot of adrenaline, but it might when you see something wrong happening in society! 

6. A Date in the name of Farmers!

Being a white-collar worker or a college student, you might have some wrong assumptions about a farmer’s life. Of course, they are hard workers, but one thing you must know is that they have a lot of fun in their everyday activities. Can’t believe this? Okay, wear a farmer’s cap for a day along with your girlfriend. Visit a farm and spend a day there. Planting seeds, watering, tending the cattle, collecting fruits, there are many such chores that you can do with your girlfriend or wife. There are many places that allow tourists to experience a farmer’s life for a couple of days, provided you are ready to spend some dollars. Before going there, make a phone call to the owners, and the arrangements will be made in advance. Don’t worry, your wallet will approve of this plan.

7. A Date with twisted Roles

Living together as a couple, both of you have to play multiple roles at home. However you must be able to handle the whole house in case, a servant plays truant. Learning such skills is always a benefit, so try that now! And bet on it, you’ll enjoy it! Preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner, cleaning utensils, decorating your house and taking care of laundry etc. The list has too many household chores, no doubt, and by the end of the day, you will be totally tired, sure. But this unique date idea will be a test of your love and compatibility.

8. A Date that went on a Dancing Spree

How many forms of dance have you tried so far? Maybe one, two at the most. On your upcoming date idea, try a difficult dance form and make sure you succeed in your attempt. Have you heard of Swing Dance? Well, as a couple you are in for a lot of hysterical fun while trying the Swing dance. For Swing Dance, you need Jazz music in the background. Yeah you’ll fall down while doing Swing Dance, but then, there’d be grace and giggles in your fallings! After a few attempts, you will start loving this dance form. And since you’d have a taste as to what Swing Dance is, both of you can surprise the guests and as well as your families by showing off your Swing Dance skills on your wedding day! 

9. A Date that began to Skate on Ice!

“Skating can make you feel athletic, graceful, beautiful,” said the popular American Athlete Gracie Gold. Ice Skating is always a fun-filled adventure. There are several beautiful natural ice skating spots like the Red River Mutual Trail in Canada, Mirror Lake in the USA, Sokolniki Park in Russia, Tower of London Moat in England and many more. Of course, traveling to natural ice skating spots of distant lands is not a piece of cake especially if you don’t have a decent budget enough days at hand. However, if you have some ice skating spots in your vicinity, all you need is to buy a ticket for couples, carry warm clothes and leave your tensions back home. 

10. A Date that Snorkeled!

“Being able to breathe underwater would be sweet. There is so much life underneath the water that we don't know about. I would love to check out the bottom of the ocean to see what's going on down there” said the renowned Canadian actor Cameron Bright. And of course, who doesn’t want to explore the underwater life? Snorkeling is an excellent exercise which also helps your mind in removing stress. For an adrenaline junkie couple, this date idea will open the door to a new world, the world of beautiful sea critters that they would have seen only on the television! In order to bring this dream date into reality, all you need is courage, good health and most importantly a fat wallet! Ilha Grande in Brazil, Raja Ampat in Indonesia, Palawan in the Philippines, the Big Island in Hawaii and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia are some of the most visited snorkeling spots. Pack your bags and enjoy your Snorkeling experience.

Happy journey!