Couple Activities - Things to do at Home -

Couple Activities - Things to do at Home

The following activities are great for couples who are looking for fun things to do at home.

Couple Workouts or Yoga

You don't always need a gym to work out. There are plenty of great workouts you can do with the weight of your or your partner's body. Working out together makes much more fun, and you are motivating each other to stay fit and healthy. I picked a great workout video for couples that you can start whenever you want, even if you are a beginner. If you prefer slower movements and stretching, you can also try some yoga workouts for couples.

Massage each other

Mental and physical closeness are linked. It's scientifically proven that when you touch each other, it increases the release of oxytocin. The so-called "cuddle hormone" promotes feelings of devotion, trust, and bonding. Besides that, it just feels incredibly good to get a massage. You can massage each other at the same time, or one partner gets a massage for 20 minutes, and then you switch positions. Try out different techniques and communicate what feels good so that you guide each other in the right direction. If you enjoy this, there is also an online course for advanced couple massages.

Romantic Fondue

Do you remember having a really great meal, and the moment you started eating, you didn't want it to end? Often it takes so much time to make a delicious dinner, but in a few minutes, it's all gone. That's why I love these restaurants where eating is combined with a little activity. Such as frying the meat on a mini grill or filling and rolling the tortillas yourself. Fondue also requires a little activity, and it tastes so good. No matter if you are making it with meat, cheese, or chocolate. It doesn't take a lot of preparation and is a lot of fun. You just need a few ingredients and a fondue set, which are quite cheap.

Learn to Dance

Many animals use dancing as a courtship ritual to attract a partner, and for numerous centuries dancing has been a kind of mating ritual for humans as well. It's also often linked to someone's ability in the bedroom. When a couple can dance passionately, they will most likely have a lot of sexual chemistry and a great intimate connection. When you want to be good at dancing, you have to be in sync with the body and movements of your partner. The man learns to be more masculine by leading, and his women will embrace her feminine side. There are dance classes in every bigger city, but you can also learn it at home. Many couples prefer to practice it within their own four walls without other people watching every step. My research has found that this is the best online dance course for couples.

Couple Challenges

If you belong to the younger generations, you are probably familiar with all the challenges on social media. Every month there is a new challenge that people are trying out and capturing it on video. Some of these challenges are really funny and can perfectly be used as an activity you can do together at home. Record yourself doing it so you'll have a lot of great memories and will laugh about each other when you watch it a few years later. What's also nice about this activity is that you don't need a lot of preparation, just watch some examples on Youtube and try it out yourself afterward. You can find the best couple challenges as videos with a short description in this article.

Make a Video Short Film

Maybe after trying out the first couple challenges, you watched yourself on video and thought about starting your own Youtube channel. Why not? It doesn't have to be your life mission, and you could also make it private so that it's a virtual diary. When I watch photos or videos of my past, I never thought "I shouldn't have taken so many videos of us," instead, I wish I would have taken more because it's so exciting to see how you've changed over the time. Also, think of your (future) kids, they will be even more excited to see how you looked when you were young. If you are a creative couple, you could also try to create your own short film. It can be just 5-10 minutes, just think about a topic that you think is funny or interesting and write a little script. It can be something poetic, entertaining, or you can try to make a point regarding an environmental, political, or social problem. 

Play Board Games

Virtual games are great, but playing board games as a couple has a totally different vibe. You are more relaxed, sitting face to face, and feeling the presents of your loved one. After video games became popular, people started neglecting the games that humans have enjoyed for hundreds of years. Chess, for example, was invented 1500 years ago. But people are noticing the benefits, that's why board games are making a come back. As a couple, you can either play competitive or non-competitive games. It depends on you if you like to compete and play against your partner or if this would potentially end in arguments because one of you can't stand to lose. That's why we prefer non-competitive board games, where you are playing together as a team. There are also some board games specially made for couples where you have to answer questions about the other person and which are more focused on improving your communication. You can also find different board and card games for couples in our shop.

Netflix and Learn

When you are lazy and just want to enjoy the few hours before you go to bed, there is one activity that couples choose most of the time: Netflix and Chill. It could also be Prime Video, Disney+, or whatever your television is showing. How about a little variety, instead of watching your favorite show, look for some documentaries. No matter if Youtube or Netflix, there are numerous free documentaries about different interesting topics. They will help you enhance your focus and understand the world a little better. After we watched "Food, Inc.", "What the Health" and "Forks Over Knives" it changed our lives. We started to eat healthier and looked at the food and pharma industry differently. There is nothing better than improving each other's lives and growing together and in the right direction.