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6 Long Distance Relationship Problems and Solutions

Long-distance relationships are not always easy. The distance makes it difficult to spend time together, which can lead to disconnection and resentment. Luckily there are ways to prevent this from happening! In this post, we will talk about 6 long-distance relationship problems plus the solutions that you can use in order for your relationship to be successful.

1. Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the biggest problems in long-distance relationships. You rarely see your partner and don't know what he or she is up to during the time you are not together. Just by the great distance, you miss your loved one even more and jealousy flares up.

Solution: Trust

Without trust, any relationship is nearly impossible. You need to believe that your partner only has eyes for you and has no interest in other people. Even if there are some problems or issues between the two of you - try not to focus on them. Instead, focus on how much you love each other and be honest with yourself so that your mind does not wander to the wrong places!

trusting couple

2. Bad communication

Long-distance relationships are very dependent on communication because there is no physical contact which could replace talking for hours into the night about everything under the moon. Therefore it can happen sometimes that things are misinterpreted (especially when texting) and thus disputes arise. 

Solution: Face-to-face contact

Make sure that you talk regularly on the phone or video chat with your partner. Catch up and tell each other about every little thing in life, even if it's just a quick call to say "hello" before going to sleep at night. It is absolutely okay - and very healthy for both of you! Apart from that, avoid discussing by SMS. Save it for phone calls to avoid misunderstandings.

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3. Distance

The biggest problem in long-distance relationships are the many miles that separate you. You have little contact during the day, which can be very lonely and frustrating at times. However, your partner is always on your mind when it comes to missing him or her - even if there is no time for regular conversations!

Solution: Focus on the future

Try to not always think about the miles that separate you. It just makes you feel bad and makes it feel worse than it is. Focus on your next meeting and hold on to it. Keep reminding yourself that the distance is only temporary and that you are planning a future together. 

planning our future

4. Loneliness

When you are not with your loved one, it can feel like he or she is gone. You might even wake up early in the morning and be surprised that there's nobody lying next to you anymore. Maybe you sometimes even feel like you are single because your relationship seems so far away.

Solution: Keeping busy

It doesn't do you any good to spend the whole day at home alone, missing your partner. That only makes it worse. Go out, meet your friends and family and live your life. When you are happier yourself, you will be more relaxed about your long-distance relationship.

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5. Dealing with feelings alone

You are used to share everything with your partner. But maybe you don't want to talk every day about the bad feelings of missing him/her, because you are afraid it might spoil the mood? So you deal with negative emotions alone, which makes you feel even lonelier - a terrible feeling!

Solution: Open up

You don't have to keep it all bottled up! There are certainly people around you who can cheer you up, such as your friends and family. Open up to them and tell them how you feel. Often it is good to talk to someone who is not involved.

love family

6. Physical contact

You miss your loved one - especially when you are used to spending all day long together. Physical contact is missing, for example, if you don't kiss each other goodbye in the morning or say "I love you" before falling asleep at night. Of course, intimate time is also missing, which gives you the increased feeling of distance. That can be very straining in the long run.

Solution: Intimacy online

Fortunately, the digital age has made it very simple to achieve physical contact in a long-distance relationship. Whether you want to cuddle on Skype or watch porn together - there are so many possibilities! Use your imagination and have fun with what's possible right now. For the short love reminders, there are even bracelets that vibrate briefly at one when the other touches his/hers! So you can tell your loved one throughout the day that you think of him/her - with a physical feeling.

intimacy on the phone