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Long-Distance Relationship Activities

A list of activities that long-distance couples can use when they are apart but still want to enjoy the feeling of doing something together.

Make a Bucket list

Especially when you cannot see your partner at the moment, you start to imagine all the wonderful activities you would like to do together. As soon as you get back to reality, it hurts, so why don't you fantasize a little bit more and, most importantly, share the ideas with your partner. This kind of daydreaming gives you the strength to endure harder times. It also creates hope and anticipation. So make a bucket list together that grows longer and longer with all the things you want to experience together.

Try New LDR Gadgets

The world is moving fast, especially in terms of technology, and every year we got new inventions that should make our lives more enjoyable. The LDR sector is no exception, in the last years a few really interesting gadgets were created, and maybe they can help you improve your long-distance relationship. The most exciting ones are long-distance sex toys which can be controlled from afar, no matter where you are. If that isn't futuristic enough, the next level are interactive sex toys that mirror the movement of your partner as if they are right in front of you. Touch Lamps or Touch Bracelets help you tell your partner, "I'm thinking about you" without saying a word. Each of you has a matching piece, and when you touch them, they send a signal over the Internet, which makes your partner's piece vibrate or light up.

Have Exciting Conversations

If there is not much going on in everyday life, it can quickly happen that you run out of things to say, and the conversation becomes dry. You need to hear the voice of the other person because it gives you a feeling of closeness, but sometimes you just have nothing to say to each other. For this reason, two small boxes were invented, filled with 135 thought-provoking questions to inspire exciting conversations. The first box is filled with conversation topic cards around love, romance, couple, and relationship topics. The second box is filled with conversation topics about all kinds. 

The Selfie Game

When we take a photo of ourselves, we always try to look as good as possible and sometimes even edit all the little details before we share it. However, this activity requires you to take selfies several times of the day without editing or taking ten shots until we like one. Extra points if you make your partner laugh, don't try to be perfect instead be silly, funny, and real. Send each other a selfie how confused you look when you just woke up, how you are eating your breakfast, or sitting at work or laying on the couch and cuddling the long-distance pillow you got from them. Every time your phone shows a notification, you will think about each other and feel like you are sharing your day.

Collect Your Couple Photos

Depending on how long you are together, there will be lots of couple photos, but most of the time, they are spread out in different places. Your phone, their phone, your previous phone, your reflex or digital camera, and most importantly, in your Whatsapp and Facebook Chat. When you look into those places, you will most likely find many great memories and really great shots that you totally forgot about. Try to collect them in one big folder and share it with your loved one so that you can both add new photos to it. This can be done with several free cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Onedrive. They also have another positive side-effect, because they automatically make an online backup in case you lose your phone or a hard drive stops working. 

Create Beautiful Memories

After you collected all your photos, you can divide them into different folders like "first dates", "favorite photos", "first vacation", "road trip to cityname", this is optional, but it helps you find them quickly. What's even better than watching those photos on your screen is having them printed out. Fortunately, there are several creative ways to print out so you can make a beautiful gift out of them. One idea would be creating the popular explosion gift box that you might have seen in some videos. You can also print out many small images and put them on your wall in the shape of a heart or into a photo book. Another way would be choosing your favorite photo and turning it into a big canvas or printing them on some usable items. No matter how you use your photos, printing them out is always a great idea because it reminds you of that beautiful moment, every day.

Grow Plants

Get some seeds of a plant that you like, which is robust and lives for a long time. Both of you, get a pot and plant the seeds on the same day. Care for them well and give them water and love daily. After a few days, they will begin to rise from the soil and see the light of the world. Now it's time to take your first photos and share them with your long-distance partner. Every week you can update each other and watch how they grow bigger and stronger, just like your love. One day when you finally move in together, these plants will meet each other for the first time. They will be a living memory of this time and remind you about the challenges you overcame together.

Couple Apps

Some apps were developed, especially for couples in a long-distance relationship. You can download them in the Appstore (iPhone) or Playstore (Android). Some famous couples apps are Happy Couple, Desire, Between or Without. They have features such as small games, quizzes, private entertainment or shared calendars. If you have some time, you can browse and see if one of them is for you.

Care Packages

Many of our customers order one of our long-distance gifts, and we send it directly to their partner. However, sometimes you want to send them more than one gift and make the surprise extra great. Get a medium-sized package and fill it with all the stuff that your partner will love. Some ideas: A piece of clothing that you have slept with so it has your scent and a little perfume on it. One bracelet or keychain of a matching set, ideally customized with your names and your anniversary date. Your favorite photo prints or an item that was personalized with a photo of you. Some snacks that they really like. Seeds of the plant that you want to grow together. A necklace that expresses how you feel. Pillowcase so they have something to cuddle when they think of you. And don't forget to add a little note with some personal words. This will make them feel deeply loved and appreciated.