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10 Activities For Your Long-Distance Reunion

It's not easy to maintain a long-distance relationship, but it is possible! In this article, we will explore 10 activities that you can do with your partner to make the best reunion possible.

1. Have a Movie Marathon

When you do get to see each other in person, then having a movie night together is another fun activity. You can watch all the movies that your partner loves and that you always wanted to watch the whole time you were apart. So after a long time, you can relax and get closer again by cuddling and enjoying togetherness.

movie night at home

2. Be Kind 

Do the little things for your partner. Especially when they have a long journey behind them. Bring breakfast or a delicious coffee to bed, watch their favorite show together or cook their favorite meal. Be creative!

breakfast in bed

3. Make Little Gifts

Everyone is happy to receive small gifts. From a beautiful book, a plant or emotional gifts like jewelry that reminds you of the other, even if miles separate you! Like these bracelets that are engravable on two sides and have a magnet that snaps together as soon as you hold hands - how cute!

magnetic bracelets

4. Cook Together

Cooking and baking are other activities that you can do with your partner when you see each other again. It's a wonderful way to spend time together in the kitchen. While cooking, you will feel like there was no interruption at all even though you're apart for such a long period of time! So try something simple but fun instead of going out every night as this will bring back those sparks quicker than anything else.

cooking couple

5. Go Out on Dates

Going out on dates is another activity that you can do to make your relationship work. When you see each other again after a long time, it is important to have togetherness, but you should also experience something! By dressing up and going out, maybe to dinner, maybe to a party, brings a breath of fresh air into your relationship. You go out as a couple and have a special evening. That welds together.

dating couple

6. Make Intimate Memories

After a long time alone, you are very much looking forward to the intimate time. To make it even more exciting you can get special toys or underwear. There are no limits to what you can do. Try something new that you will remember with pleasure when you don't see each other again. That may even bring a promise of more fun to come.

private time

7. Spend Quality Time Away From the Screen

When you haven't seen each other for so long, there's nothing more stupid than wasting all your precious time in front of your phone or a screen. Go out into nature, feel the life together, make the city unsafe. Of course, cuddly hours for two are just as important - the mixture makes it!

couple in nature

 8. Go on Romantic Getaways

Taking a trip together is the perfect way to spend time with each other. You will have fun, you can make memories and it's an incredible feeling when you come back home again after all of that traveling! This will give you the feeling of having spent a lot of time with each other because you will experience a lot in a few days. It also gives your partner something to look forward to every day while they are apart from you. So take some days off work or school and go somewhere beautiful together.

romantic city trip

9. Play Games

Games are fun. And they're even more fun when you play them with your partner that lives far away at the moment! You can use online games or just some board games. You can challenge each other or play in the same team – anything will do as long as you two have great memories of these nights full of laughter and joy! So take advantage of technology and be creative because who knows what else may come up after such an amazing activity?

gamer couple 

10. Already Plan Your Next Reunion Together

A great activity is also to directly plan the next reunion together! Whether it's a visit to each other's homes or a vacation together. Planning is fun and the best thing is that when you have to say goodbye, you already have your next reunion in mind.

couple saying goodbye

All in all, long-distance relationships are difficult and they take time to get used to so there will be hard days, but if you two really love each other then it's always worth the effort! We hope you find our 12 activities helpful and it brings you more together!