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6 Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Forgetting about anniversaries should be a thing in the past. With all the smart phones and apps, punching away your anniversary digits should be a breeze. For some, there is no need for a reminder. Let us call them the Type As of the relationship. Type As are those who are born with an internal countdown timer. They love to plan romantic anniversary dates and always have their pens ready for the to-do list. Then, we have the Type Bs. They thank the universe for the integration of calendars on their phone. But it doesn’t mean that they are less thoughtful or uncaring. It is not always the case. They just need a little alarm, that’s all. And if we look closely, they do care. If not, they would not bother setting the alarm—one week, three days and a day before the big day.

Whether you are a Type A or Type B, keeping it special is a necessity. The concept of special has been longed tagged with the word expensive. But not true at all. Our world is starting to realize that sunflowers can be as remarkable as roses too. No one is stopping you to be fancy. Fancy is good! Strawberries covered with truffles are always great options. But do not limit your options. Anniversaries are the perfect time to be creative and inspired. Here are some date ideas to make your next milestone even more romantic:

1. Kitchen, spice and everything nice

Knowing your partner is essential when planning an anniversary date. You would not want to slave yourself in preparing peanut and caramel croissants de lune when they are allergic to peanuts, right? The last thing we want is a trip to the ER.

Foodies are one of the best sweethearts. Food is just love and having to share it with someone who loves munching the same way you do, is just perfect. Preparing simple dishes and reinventing them to an anniversary-level menu will be amazing! Let’s say, both of you are suckers for spaghetti, but you would not want to cook the usual Wednesday deal. How about changing the kitchen game and creating lemon and herb spaghetti squash with roasted shrimp? Or feel like a real Italian as you enjoy Ziti alla Genovese?

Do not limit yourself on entrées. If they have sweet tooth, then recreate a favorite dessert or experiment on new ideas. Keep it exciting and remember that the sweetest thing is beyond the confectioners’ sugar.

2. Movie Hunny

Classics is the way to go. No CGIs, no special effects, just pure story. If you are both into flicks then cozy up the living room, get fresh fuzzy blankets and prepare tons of snacks. Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, Mary Poppins, Modern Times and Singin’ in the Rain top the list. But don’t scratch off themed immortals like Psycho, The Grapes of Wrath, Chinatown or Battleship Potemkin. If you don’t mind screams and shrieks then I don’t see why you should only stick to the rom love stories.

If the special movie night is a collaborative effort, you may even work on your movie list together. One idea is to come up with seven movies and watch one movie for the entire week, saving the 7th for your anniversary day. Romantic cuddling, movie and snacks. What more can you ask? Or 7th day can be on a drive-in date if you feel like going out for some fresh air.

3. Beach Baes

You got two options on beach dates: sun and piñacolada or moonlight and wine. Take a romantic dip and watch either sunset or sunrise, your choice. Both are equally heart-melting ideas anyway.

If you are up for it, you can also inquire about the water sports they offer around the beach or resort. If you are feeling adventurous, you can rent a jet ski and race around the beach or even the next island. Pro tip: Sunset and parasailing are the best chill combo for a date. Enjoy the majestic view from above.

4. Glamping

Glamping earned its outdoor popularity over the past few years and have consistently been a top pick among couples. We must admit that though we love nature, part of us would still want to be “comfortable” enjoying it. No judgement at all, it is your anniversary anyway! Skip the hassle of setting up a tent and digging a spot to go number two. There are gazillions of glamping sites all over the country. Contrary to some comments, it does not necessarily take away the essence of being one with nature. Having nice linens and bathrooms does not make you a less camper!

Check out activities you can enjoy around the camp. You can also tell them that you are a couple celebrating your anniversary day. They might be able to setup a special outdoor dinner for you lovebirds. Envision walking around the trails, holding hands and simply recharging through nature’s innate beauty. Smores roasting and night cuddling are not be missed over a romantic campfire too.

5. Restaurant Hunt

It is tempting to book a table to a fancy restaurant, but don’t you think it’s too ordinary? Why not hop on a trip together and explore the restaurants you both have not tried yet. Yep, you can even call it restaurant hopping if you like. For appetizers, you may order a chicken and scallion yakitori on the Japanese restaurant around the corner. Then, travel to Europe and be daring as you savor a Spanish octopus dish called Pulpo a la gallega. Bet it blends well in the palate with a bottle of seasoned red wine. But make sure to reserve a tummy room for dessert! Khanom Chan is a traditional Thai jelly dessert with rice, arrowroot, tapioca, milk and pandanus plant--- yummy! Discovering new favorite grub hangouts with your loved one are the best.

6. Vision Board Trip

I know a lot of couples who have vision boards with romantic travel ideas to anniversaries. These couples set aside travel money all throughout the year and spend the special day on the country of their choice. Learning about new cultures and unplugging from usual sceneries have an exotic appeal. Looking forward to a romantic dream destination keeps you both motivated and excited. Planning it for a year also means that you have enough time to prepare and look for the best deals so you don’t have to break the piggy bank.

If you are looking for more romantic date ideas for couples, check out date-ideas.net, it's a huge collection of activities you can do with your partner.

Every relationship is unique, and the most important thing is celebrating this milestone with the person you love. Love would also always be the best ingredient, the most important factor above anything else.