Conversation Starters for Couples -

Conversation Starters for Couples

Humans are social beings. We thrive most efficiently when we're able to connect with others who share our values. Interestingly, communication is so vital to our existence that without it, we never will be able to gain and spread knowledge.

Communication is essential for every type of relationship and without it, there'll be no real intimacy.

You show affection and get emotionally attached to another human mostly when you communicate with one another consistently. Unfortunately, despite how important communication is, not everyone knows how to effectively communicate. And, this can be problematic especially in romantic relationships.

Many couples are definitely in love but struggle to communicate efficiently with their partners. They might have no problem talking about day to day activities but when it comes to digging deep and understanding the other person, they’re at a loss. Fortunately, there are conversation starters to help with that.

Conversation starters are micro questions that are utilized to help couples explore parts of the other that they wouldn’t otherwise know.

These questions are great because they are open-ended questions and cannot be answered with just a simple yes or no. Therefore, the conversation is deeper and more meaningful.

For example, a question like, “what's the one thing you think I can do to improve our relationship?", is no doubt going to bring chronicles of suggestions from your partner regarding how much you both can improve your love life.

Remember, conversation starters isn't just a question and answer thing.

When using conversation starters as a couple, the ultimate goal is to hear and be heard. Commit to listening while your partner talks and don’t grow defensive if you don’t like the answers you’re hearing. Don’t approach it as a “let’s just get this over the thing.” You don’t want conversations with your partner to seem like an interview session. Listen, show empathy and compassion, and chip in your feelings when necessary but without interrupting abruptly.

To get your partner more involved in conversing with you, try making communication a little bit more fun than usual. How? Simple, play the game Table Topics for Couples with your partner. Over time, couples are more likely to keep talking about the same things again and again. For such couples, communication becomes a routine rather than a form of intimacy. But when you have a game that would constantly change the topics you and your partner get to talk about, you both are sure to have more lively and meaningful conversations consistently.

How's the game played?

The game usually comes as cards with challenging questions written clearly on each card. Get the deck of cards well-shuffled, then you and your partner can choose who goes first. Then that person would randomly pick a card, read out each question to one another and listen as the other answers. Don't forget to enjoy every moment. Laugh when things get funny, and cry when you feel like it, hug when you feel like it. Be vulnerable with each other.

Is there an age limit to who can play?

Not necessarily. Any couple can play, whether newly married or not, it's fun for every couple.

What's the best setting to have the game played in?

Well, this is also very important. It is important to play it at a place where you both feel relaxed. Some couples like to have the game played in their bedrooms. Others can choose to play it outdoors. Some even take the game with them when they go out on dates. It’s really up to the couple in question.

How often can you play?

For as long as you need to. Usually, the more you play, the more you get better at communicating freely as a couple. There's no limit to how often you can play the game. But feel free to put it aside when you feel like you both don’t need it anymore.

Why should you play?

Why shouldn't you? It's fun, interesting, intriguing and enlightening. You get to know more about yourselves individually and as a couple.

The game makes it easy to have fun with your partner and it helps you understand what your partner feels about certain events from your past and theirs. You get to have more meaningful conversations continuously, and in turn, get several opportunities to show affection for your partner. There is obviously no reason you wouldn't want to play this game as a couple.

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