Custom Wooden Postcards -

Custom Wooden Postcards

What’s better than sending a postcard to your loved one? Sending a wooden one! They’re sturdy and tend to last longer than paper ones which can literally fall apart or fade due to wear and tear. Just like normal ones, wooden postcards can be personalized with cute, romantic messages addressed to your loved one. Compared to paper ones which can be kept in a cupboard somewhere and forgotten, these wooden postcards are usually fashioned with taste and elegance and can make for excellent tabletop decoration. They are a great personal and unique gift no matter the celebration: wedding anniversary, valentine and even birthdays. This sophisticated postcards can also be a personal gift that you buy for yourself.

Don’t know what personalized text to use for your engraved wooden postcards? Here are some ideas:

  1. I love you,____ (then add the name of your beloved.) The ‘I love you’ phrase would never go out of fashion. As long as it is said in honesty and with meaning, it’ll continue to affect. Another way to spice it up is to have it written in another language apart from English. Especially if it is a language that your partner understands. This would be an especially thoughtful present especially if English is their second language.
  2. Even though we’re apart you’re always in my heart.
  3. My hands might not be able to carry you right now but my heart will.
  4. I love you to the moon and beyond.
  5. You can make a small list of reasons you love them.

No matter what message you choose to engrave into your wooden postcard, met it be true, let it be genuine. Never miss the chance to show them how much you love them.