Top 15 Distance Bracelets for Couples |

Top 15 Distance Bracelets for Couples

Distance indeed makes the heart grow fonder, but too much of it can prove challenging for even the strongest romantic relationship. Distance bracelets can be an affordable and easy way to ensure that you stay on your lover’s mind even when you’re miles apart. They are a new trend not only for couples in a long-distance relationship. As a result, you can buy them in many different styles. The following list includes all available types of distance bracelets for couples.

Classic Beaded Distance Bracelets

These couple bracelets are the most popular ones designed for those who love to keep it classy. They usually come as same-colored beads with a different colored bead at the midpoint. The black and white color contrast is based on the famous yin and yang theory.

Luxury Crown Distance Bracelets

A beauty to behold! These beaded bracelets are spiced with a royal touch. Each bracelet comes with a pretty little crown well embedded within the string beads. Another way to prove that she's your queen and he's your King.

Beaded Initial Distance Bracelets

The initial bracelet is another personal way to stay mentally connected with your partner even if you are separated by a long-distance relationship. Apart from the initial bead, they are usually made of matte-finished onyx beads that are held together by strong elastic.

Single Initial Couple Bracelets

Do you like to keep it simple? Fine, this one is for couples like you. One beautiful string looped around a single initial of the special human who fills your heart with love.

Long-Distance Infinity Bracelets

Love is forever. It has been here before us and would outlive us. Infinity bracelets are a perfect way to remind our favorite person of how much we love them. These matching distance bracelet are embedded with an infinity sign to help couples remember that your love and relationship never ends.

Romantic Idea for Couples

If you choose to buy a pair for you and your sweetheart, here’s an exercise to do to strengthen your bond. Whenever you find yourself staring at the bracelet and desperately missing your boyfriend or girlfriend, think up a loving memory and write it down. When you finally meet your loved one in person, exchange your romantic notes.

King and Queen Relationship Bracelets

Every king needs his queen and vice versa. These striking and stylish bracelets can be a useful way to remind yourself of your partner and the important role they play in your life. They are usually made of stainless steel and as a result, are durable and perfect for daily use. The men’s version is engraved with the words, ‘Her King’ whilst the women’s version has the words ‘His Queen’ engraved on it.

His and Her Distance Bracelets

Don’t have money for a wedding ring? These bracelets can be the best substitute for your relationship. With these bracelets around the wrist of your partner, your love proclamation lingers forever. He is yours and you are his.

Lock and Key Couple Bracelets

This is another romantic bracelet that couples can wear to help them stay connected while apart. The set is made up of a bracelet with a lock pendant and another with a key pendant. Want to show your loved one how dear to your heart they are? Then this is a great choice.

Coordinates Long-Distance Relationship Bracelets

Yet another beautiful set of matching bracelets that would let you keep that special memory for as long as you have it on. These bracelets have a finely shaped flap attached to it to engrave the coordinates of the location where that blissful memory took place.

Engraved Leather Relationship Bracelets

If you like the classic Italian style, you'll definitely love this. These bracelets are usually made from shiny and tough leather. The best part is, you can choose to engrave them with your own endearing words of love for just that special one! It can also be a name or a special date.

His Beauty Her Beast Bracelets

This matching set is sleek, simple and sophisticated. One for the lady and one for her lover. Each engraved with the purposed words. All you have to do is choose the color that suits your beloved.

Love Knot Relationship Bracelets

As you well know, it takes two separate ends to make a knot. This beautiful bracelet comes with love knot at its top. The beautifully stringed knot would remind your loved ones about how intertwined your lives, dreams, and hopes are even when you are apart.

Heartbeat Distance Bracelets

Can you remember what it felt like when you newly fell in love with your sweetheart? Heart racing, butterflies in belly and delightful nervousness? The heartbeat long distance bracelet is an elegant way to remind us of the good times and memories we had with our love. It’s often made as of gold, silver or black chain and combined with a heartbeat pendant to create a romantic bracelet.

Touch Bracelets for Long-Distance Relationship Couples


Technology is often branded as the bane of relationships and communication but just like many other man-made creations, if utilized properly, it can be incredibly useful. The vibrating bracelet is a techy way to stay connected to your dearest one. The bracelets have a minimalist design and look quite elegant. They are also simple to use. To send a signal, all you need to do is tap the sensor twice and the other device (with your partner) would light up and vibrate. It can be a non-verbal way to send an ‘I miss you’ to your loved one.

Remember, distance isn't really what breaks a relationship. It is the unwillingness to stay committed to it and taking your beloved for granted that ruins a beautiful relationship. Get them a bracelet; show them that you have them in mind.