Monogamy - Board Game for Couples -

Monogamy - Board Game for Couples

Have you always wanted to spice things up with your partner? No doubt, a love story set on a static routine eventually loses its vitality. It's great to know that the monogamy board game seems to be what most would consider as "the perfect fuel to get the fire started". Truth is, it doesn't just help get the fire started, it keeps it burning too. Monogamy is a game for couples who are willing to make monogamy great again. Just kidding. Or am I?

The game helps to strengthen the bond between couples, enabling them to know what makes the other "tick!". It comes with different levels of intensity so it keeps getting more exciting the longer you play. Light some candles, get some wine and let the fun begin.

4 Reasons to Play Monogamy

1. The board game helps couples to communicate freely, giving each partner the motivation needed to express what turns them on. It's a lot different from most adult games out there. It is solely based on the effective communication between its players.

2. Monogamy never gets boring. With over fifty intriguing ideas, you probably won't even get to the end of the game before passion takes you on slightly off-script adventures. Playing the board game would help couples take their love affair on different amazing adventures with their minds and bodies sharing a very intimate connection all through the way.

3. Like most great games, monogamy board game creates a bond between its players that leaves them eager for another session, and that's not all. It also heightens it's player's affection for one another. Even couples who feel like things in the bedroom have gone dim might find themselves having passionate sex all over again.

4. Monogamy is a great game for all kinds of couples, both the new ones and the established love birds. And it's perfect for couples who are willing to try something new in their relationship. As long as they play by the intimate rules, they will, in no time, be lost in the pleasures of their desires.

How to Play Monogamy

It’s quite easy. Just follow the few instructions on the board, and you and your partner are good to go. The game is basically for two players only and there's no limit to how long you're allowed to play.

The game is categorized into three segments. The pink cards, the purple cards, and the red cards. Each representing the level you're willing to play on. Although you can always decide to swerve right into the naughty part, it's best to take it slow and keep it steady until you both can't take any more suspense and tension. The pink cards are designed to create a serene and relaxed environment for the players. The purple cards take things to another dimension where players can get physical with a lot of teasing in play, and the red cards, well, the red cards is all about the steamy action!

What else is there to say? The monogamy board game is going to be a great addition to your love life.

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