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Long-Distance Touch Bracelets - Stay Connected!

There are many kinds of matching bracelets for couples, that's why we already made an article about 20 different kinds of distance bracelets. However, this time we are going one step further and introduce to you two companies, who offer interactive bracelets, that trigger a response in your partner's bracelet whenever you touch it. 

Touch bracelets are not your typical accessory. They serve a higher purpose than just complementing an outfit. These bracelets provide long-distance relationship couples like you and your partner an easy and convenient means to be connected. With only one touch of your bracelet, you can let your significant other know that you are thinking of them, and vice-versa.

Bond Touch Bracelets - Review

bond touch bracelets review

The Bond Touch bracelet is an excellent choice for couples looking to stay connected whenever and wherever. Aside from its functionality, its design and customizability make it popular among long-distance couples. But it's also an adorable gift for any kind of couple or even best friends who looking to buy these bracelets for themselves and their significant other.

How It Works 

When you tap and hold your Bond Touch bracelet, your partner's will respond instantaneously by vibrating and lighting up in the color of your choice. The connection between the bracelets is established by properly setting up your accessories. You do this by making sure that the Bond Touch module is charged and your phone is online with a Bluetooth connection. Next, install the Bond Touch app and create a profile. This includes providing basic information and choosing your color for sending taps. The final step is to connect your module to the app and send an invitation to your significant other. Once they accept it, both of you can start sending and receiving "touches". 

Notable Features

A common complaint is that touch bracelets stand out for the wrong reasons – they are big and not very nice to look at. Bond has addressed these issues by coming up with a bracelet with interchangeable bands. You can choose from silicone ones that come in various colors, and leather that comes in natural and black. The latest version of their bracelets is likewise narrower, thus making it look sleek and classy looking.

Bond Touch bracelets have other noteworthy features. You can create a pattern or rhythm when you tap and hold your module. This way you and your partner can effectively exchange "secret" messages consisting of up to ten touches. The app also lets you do several cool things, for example, the "Location & Weather" feature. When you turn it on, your partner will know where you are and the weather in your location. It also shows them when you were last online, as well as the battery level of your module. The "History" feature lets you see the touches you sent and received during the past 48 hours. The "Next Encounter Date" feature tells you when you'll see your partner again with a countdown timer.

Hey Bracelets - Review

long distance touch hey bracelets review

There's just one word to describe the Hey bracelet: simple. It is the perfect accessory for laid-back couples who want nothing more than just connect with each other instantaneously.

How It Works 

When you touch the touchpad on your bracelet, a signal will be sent to your partner's corresponding accessory via the Hey app on their smartphone. This will trigger the small motor located inside the module to pull the band slightly, thus tightening the bracelet. The resulting sensation is a gentle squeeze which mimics wrapping your thumb and index finger around your wrist.

Before you can use your Hey bracelet, you need to charge it for at least 30 minutes. Next, install the Hey app on your phone. Set up your account by providing basic personal information – your name and e-mail address – and creating a password to secure it. Once it is verified, pair the bracelet with your phone; make sure you have Bluetooth enabled for this to work. The final step is to send an invite to your partner's e-mail address. If they have not created an account, they will be asked to do so first. Afterward, they can accept the invitation, and you can start sending and receiving touches with your bracelet.

Notable Features

Hey Bracelets don't have the bells and whistles found in Bond Touch, but it does the job touch bracelets were designed for and does it well. It is rechargeable, weatherproof, and durable. It comes in two colors: black and white. The Hey app has a "Timeline" where you can view "cards" that show the touches you sent and received (with a location tag if the feature was enabled at the time). You can also see relevant information regarding your connections there. This includes who you are connected to; when an invite was sent, received, and accepted. It also shows if and when you and your partner connected and disconnected.

Both companies have created really great products, each with its unique features. They are really cute gifts for long-distance relationship couples. Of course, they are a little pricier than "normal" bracelets which is understandable considering their functionalities. However, if you are looking for less expensive gifts, have a look at these long-distance bracelets.