ToTwoo Review - Are the Couple Bracelets worth it? -

ToTwoo Review - Are the Couple Bracelets worth it?

The elegant couple bracelets from ToTwoo are designed in a sun-moon style to represent how much the two lovers need and complement each other - because, without the night, there would be no day and vice versa. There are various designs, but these two are the most popular. Touch bracelets are an ideal gift for long-distance partners, which is why they are in high demand at the moment. We'll tell you if it's worth it.

How it works:

Totwoo bracelets glow colorfully and vibrate when touched. You can choose to charge the jewelry or change the batteries regularly. After downloading the app and verifying your phone number, you can connect your bracelets via Bluetooth. Follow the instructions in the app and connect with your partner via contacts. Now you will have several features to choose from. 

Notable Features: 

Besides the standard actions like touching to express missing, the ToTwoo app also has a reminder memory. Photos, messages, etc., can be stored in the app and displayed to your partner by tapping the wristband. Some features can be useful even outside of your relationship, such as reminders for appointments, enough to drink, or the next menstruation.

ToTwoo Reviews: 

The bracelets, as well as the app, promise a lot. The design and idea of the product are also well received by many customers. Unfortunately, the hopes are undermined by customer dissatisfaction when looking at the Totwoo reviews. The current ratings are on Amazon (2.9/5), Facebook (2.3/5), iPhone App (1.7/5) and Android App (1.7/5). Many criticize the app's lack of functionality. It is said to frequently not work as it should and cause problems. Some customers also reported that the wristbands gave up the ghost after a few days and were no longer usable. The battery does not last long, according to some customers. On Facebook, some complain that the customer service is hard to reach and that the company does not accept returns. 


The idea is really great, that's why gadgets for long-distance relationships are so popular. Totwoo seems to be a very new brand so it's understandable that it's not working perfectly. If they are able to improve their product, it will be a great addition to the two other popular brands: Bond Touch and Hey Bracelets. All three make similar couple bracelets, with a different design and functionality. Other products in this category are Touch Lamps, Remote Sex Toys and Long-Distance PillowsCheck out our store for more great gift ideas for couples.